The most professional solution for all types of land and crops.


With the bio shredders from Anova you will get rid of pruning waste and garden waste in the fastest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way possible. Thanks to their high shredding capacity, you will be able to make your own compost for natural fertilizer more quickly and easily from the remains and garden waste.

The anova bio shredders are portable, efficient and durable machines. What are you waiting for to find out all their features?

Power 15 HP

Diameter ENTRADA 120MM - 4,7"

Other features DIMENSIONES 1560 x 2150 x 830

Weight 293 KG

Cylinder capacity 420CC

Power 15CV

Capacity 100MM

Cylinder capacity 420CC

Power 15CV

Capacity 100MM

Engine 420CC - 15HP

Capacity 89MM

Weight 100KG

Measures 94x71x114CM

Engine 212CC - 7HP

Capacity 76MM

Weight 80KG

Measures 91x71x114CM

Engine 208CC - 7HP

Capacity 60MM

Weight 60KG

Measures 153x40x100CM